The Villages Golf: Yankee Clipper Executive Course (The Villages, FL on 11/24/16)

After we finished up at Bogart, my dad and I decided that we had time for another nine. Within 20 minutes of getting over to the Yankee Clipper course, the starter had us paired up with a nice couple and we were at it again! From what I’ve heard, it was unusual that we got out so quickly this time of year. Maybe Thanksgiving day had something to do with that, who knows!

The husband that we were paired with said that he was a volunteer golf ambassador here in The Villages. He said that, in his opinion, the Yankee Clipper course was one of the better executive courses here. Also, he offered some history and said that Yankee Clipper was originally part of the only eighteen hole executive course at The Villages. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have much to compare Yankee Clipper too, but I’ll say that it does a lot of things well.

The course is longer than Bogart, playing 1766 yards from the middle tees. I hit everything from a pitching wedge to a three iron on the par 3’s! The 1st, which plays over water, is my favorite hole on the course. I could see the forced carry on that hole being a problem for those who don’t hit it very high though. Yankee Clipper is a par 29 with two par 4’s and even though they are shorter, I was still able to take a swat with my driver on both holes.

The toughest thing about Yankee Clipper I think are going to be the mounded greens and large bunkers. The greens can repel shots ever so slightly and the bunkers won’t be the friendliest for the average golfer. Conditions here were nice too. There was lots of grass to play from and for whatever reason the greens had a “greener” color than the Bogart course. The rolled well, but a touch slower than they looked. Again, I’d suggest putting from wherever you can because of all the tight lies!

Yankee Clipper is another course that is good for the game of golf. I had another enjoyable walk with my dad and it turned out to be one of my favorite golfing days of the year!

#1 (153 yard par 3):

#2 (145 yard par 3):

#3 (187 yard par 3):

#4 (334 yard par 4):

#5 (121 yard par 3):

#6 (339 yard par 4):

#7 (172 yard par 3):

#8 (155 yard par 3):

#9 (160 yard par 3):

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